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Get over it, already! - Mind of the Wolfbrother
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Get over it, already!
So at work they have CNN on the TVs and as such, I've been seeing the Republican National Convention. And still they have this obsession with national security. 9/11 was seven freaking years ago! Let's look at the facts here:

Prior to 9/11: No terrorist attacks of drastic significance.
9/11: Major event, lots of dead people.
Post 9/11: No terrorist attacks of drastic significance, but loads more dead people than 9/11.

Let's look at those death tolls:

9/11: apprx. 2,974
Bush's War (aka the Iraq War): over 4,000 (excluding contractors (almost another 1,200)). That's just non-Iraqis. Include Iraqi police/soldiers, and that's another 11,000. Include civilians, and the number jumps significantly higher, with estimates ranging from 80,000 to 150,000 deaths from the violence of the war (some estimates cite over a million).

So is this whole 'Holy Mary, mother of Jesus-fucking-Christ on a stick, the end is nigh! Bring out the national security wagons, we must be senselessly paranoid and induce shitloads of fear into the American public so that they'll be afraid to wipe their ass without checking for terrorists! If we let them forget, they'll realize that there's no call for us and then we'll have to cede control to the Democratic bastards!' attitude even remotely justifiable?


The Republicans are a broken record; even in 2004 their arguments were losing luster, but we're now seven years past 9/11, and there has been no event even close to matching the scale of 9/11. Just as there was nothing close to matching the scale before 9/11. It was an isolated, though admittedly devastating, attack.

Get over it, and let's start fixing America.

I'm out!

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