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An update already? - Mind of the Wolfbrother
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An update already?

So we ended up deciding not to head out to the Grand Canyon just yet. Clau wasn't willing to leave immediately after work, so we held off. We did, however take a shorter trip, back out to Silver City, NM (specifically, the Gila National Forest). We left on Saturday and came back Sunday. Saw the Gila Cliff Dwellings, which were pretty cool. Plenty of trails in the forest, too, and since it's only about 2.5 hours away, it'll probably become one of our preferred hiking destinations. So despite it not being our initial plan, we still enjoyed the trip thoroghly.

We still need to see Eagle Eye. Taking mom to see Quantum of Solace in the morning since Clau doesn't want to see it. Then next week will be Bolt, and that will be followed by Transporter 3. Have 3 concerts we'll be seeing as well: Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Tantric/Drowning Pool, and Papa Roach/Seether/Staind. So yay!

Halloween went well, though neither of us won the contest here at work. 1st place winner just copied my costume from last year (a man as a woman), though admittedly his costume was much less conservative than mine had been. Had to have my hair styled and by the end of the day I was suffering from how greasy my forehead felt.

Well, got a call, so I'll end this post now.

I'm out!

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