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Quarter of a Century - Mind of the Wolfbrother
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Quarter of a Century

So I'm finally updating and I'm sure I'll miss plenty of data just due the sheer gap of time between this and my last update (and the gaps between those). So, most recent first, I guess. The weekend before this past one, Clau and I went back out to Tucson. Left early on Sat and arrived to a chilly rainy day. Not to worry, though. Our first stop after the visitor center and breakfast at Waffle House (oh, how I'd missed you) was Biosphere2, which obviously got us out of most of the rain/hail. In addition, it was pretty cool. From there, we headed to a pizza place called Rocco's Little Chicago, and the pizza was awesome, among the best we've ever had. Rest of the day was pretty much spent chilling. Hit Waffle House again for breakfast the next day and then proceeded to the Titan Missile Museum, a decommissioned missile site from the cold war. It was also quite cool. We then went to Colossal Cave, which was alright but not great. Ended the day back at Old Tucson Studios before going back to Chad's for dinner. Unfortunately, the prime rib was both smaller and not as good as I remembered, but Clau enjoyed her steak. Then we drove home, having enjoyed our weekend excursion thoroughly.

Another major event to post about is that I'm now a quarter of a century old. Yep, turned 25 back on a rather uneventful (but still good) March 30. Dinner with mom at Great American Land and Cattle led to evil food poisoning a couple days later, but my bday itself was fine. Got a vacuum from mom, and Star Ocean: The Last Hope for the 360 from Clau. Don't feel any older though; still feel just the same as I did when I was 17, only heavier. Though I'm going to buckle down and see if I can lose some of my excess weight. Already doing a long walk daily, so we'll see how it goes.

February also marked three years for Clau and I, and we continue to believe that we'll remain together. As one of her friends observed, we're practically engaged even if we've not made it official. Regardless, our future seems pretty much assured, and we couldn't be happier with our relationship.

The beginning of January also saw the completion of Clau's Christmas gifts. Most of you who read this probably already know what that was, but for those who don't, Clau now has a Siberian Husky. Her name is Mishka and she's grown considerably since then. She was also a bit of a scaredy-cat at first, but she seems at least moderately less so now. Obviously still pretty and cute, though.

As I said, those have been the major events since my last posting. Though also since then, Disturbed came to El Paso, and you can bet I was there! Had been wanting to see them since their first album, and they definitely didn't dissapoint. Next concert on the horizon is Korn on the 27th, which Clau is desperately trying to be off for, so here's hoping for that.

Obviously we've seen plenty of movies since my last post, as well. This weekend was Crank 2, which obviously kicked ass, though it wasn't quite as good as the first one. Also saw Bedtime Stories at the cheap theater with mom; pretty good, but if they make a sequel, it promises to be better. Then we've got the whole summer movie season ahead of us: Wolverine, Terminator, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Up, etc etc. Ones we've seen since the last posting: Monsters vs Aliens (not Clau, I gave a B), Watchmen (Clau hated, I liked), Race to Witch Mountain (better than expected, B ), Coraline (dragged at times but otherwise good, B), Push (just me, A-), Twilight (trash, saw because Clau wanted to), Transporter 3 (obviously enjoyed), Underworld (back on valentines, as we'd initially seen :Evolution on our first date three years ago, pretty good), Bolt (A), and Quantum of Solace (much better than Casino Royale, more Bondlike). There may have been others, but that's the majority, I think.

Plenty of books since then, too. One definite recommendation if you like fantasy is Brandon Sanderson. Finally had gotten around to reading the books by him I'd picked up, and loved them. Very glad he's the one finishing the Wheel of Time. Also finally got the last book of The Song of the Tears, and once again, Ian Irvine didn't disappoint.

Also looking forward later this year to going with Clau to meet Val somewhere. Starting to plan that out, but the outcome will be fun regardless.

Really can't think of much else to write at the moment, but I am formally resolving the following: if I fail to update this at least once a week from now on, any reader is entitled to ask me for any favor (whether it be a short story, long update, money, etc)*, with a monetary limit of $5, and I will oblige.

That said, I'm out!

*Favor may be requested by anyone. Timeframe of favor indeterminate. Money only able to be claimed by personal acquaintances. Other exclusions may apply, not valid in parallel dimensions.

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the girlfriend of the geek

umm..I like the last line a lot! good thing I read the small print too!. I better get my wallet in this case..oh yes and maybe throw in some poems..
I will keep checking every week! this is xmas for me!
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