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See? More frequent! - Mind of the Wolfbrother
Spreading love of cold weather...
See? More frequent!
Okay, so it's been a bit longer than a week since the last LJ post. No one called me on it, though, so the claims period is officially over. If there's no update by the timestamp of this post May 15, the claim period will remain open until I update. Twitter is merely supplemental to this; a forum for briefer, less wordy (and probably less boring/time-consuming) updates. Though obviously some of the Twitter content doesn't carry over into here; sometimes it'll just be a random statement that wouldn't fit in here, so I'd still recommend checking both. As with this time, if no one calls me on the failure to update, no one gets a prize/reward/justice/etc. Seriously, though, I fully intend to do weekly updates, which should get easier as I continue to force myself to buckle down and write for pleasure again. Been far too long since I've sat down to write for fun. Have a couple ideas in the wings to be written, and two stories in progress (one just for fun, the other more serious), not to mention those previously started and languishing (Phena, Walter's Kitty, etc). But yeah, kicking myself back into writing gear. Also planning on trying to lose some weight; don't think I'll ever be back down to my crazy-thin high-school levels, but I should at least be able to make some progress.

In other news, Clau's training period at Time Warner is over and her regular schedule is pretty sucky. She's only off Wednesdays and Thursdays for the foreseeable future. Working weekends sucks, but there is at least a plus side to it. Primarily, I should be able to match most of my schedule with hers and have so far (barring next week, as I can't trade Thursday). Secondarily, by having days off in the middle of the week, it frees up more stuff for us to do, like bowling. Doing so on the weekends would be crazy due to the sheer masses of people that bowl on the weekend. Likewise movies; mom, Clau, and I went to see Wolverine yesterday at 5:05 and the theater was deserted, which was a welcome change. Movie was pretty good, too, better than expected. Clau also seems interested in trying golfing again, so the mid-week off days should help with that as well.

In other movie news, the three of us went out to the cheap theater for a double feature and saw Taken and Confessions of a Shopaholic. Both were quite enjoyable, especially the first, but even the second one was surprisingly good. This weekend is Star Trek, though. J.J. Abrams+Star Trek=Awesome. Clau doesn't really want to see it, but I'll probably get her to; after all, I saw her Twilight movie. Bleh. On the note of Mr. Abrams, I'll segue into Lost here, and have to say I am really looking forward to next week's finale (and, for that matter, next year's final season). It just keeps getting better! Continuing TV talkage, the series(?) finale of Scrubs was also quite satisfying. There's talk of bringing it back for a 9th season (albeit without most of the major characters), but it'd still be good, I think. Loved the last bit in the finale of Chuck, as well. And if you haven't watched it, I also recommend Better Off Ted, which I wouldn't have discovered if not for reading io9.com. Also started an anime called Pani Poni Dash, which is bizarre even by my standards, but still enjoying it.

I'm also trying to start planning out the Val trip, but with Clau being yet uncertain as to when her vacation days can be taken, that makes it rather difficult. Looking likely that we'll just meet her in Ohio and hang out there, but nothing has been finalized yet. All that is certain is that Clau wants to go somewhere outside the Southwest. So time will tell what comes of that trip. Definitely one of the things I'm most looking forward to this year.

Korn concert without Clau was kind of strange. Hadn't been to a concert without her since before I met her. To boot, they didn't play for very long, and didn't play many of their hits; it was more lesser-known songs. We were going to have seen The All American Rejects on the 6th, but they moved the concert from the Coliseum to Club 101 so we decided not to go after all. No concerts coming on the horizon, either. We'll be working for most of Balloonfest (I'm be off Memorial Day), but not really missing much there. Perhaps Streetfest after that, but they've not announced anything about that yet.

Also signed myself up for U-Verse now that it's available at my apt, especially since I get a 25% discount. Goodbye DISH. Since I'm getting the employee rate, the HD channels are even included, as is the extra receiver. It'll be nice to have working TV again, that I can watch whenever I want. Getting that installed on the 13th.

What else? Tried the grilled chicken from KFC: better than you would think, considering the source. I still prefer the fried, but the grilled is still pretty darn good. Other food related comments: the pasta bowls from Dominos are actually edible and actually on the tasty side. Pepsi/Mountain Dew Throwback: both good, even if the Dew Throwback tastes a bit like carbonated, watered-down, Kool-Aid.

Also found myself some new funky music thanks to a news article about the New Orleans Jazz Fest: Big Sam's Funky Nation (and miscellaneous others found on their links page). So good times for my ears there.

Only one other event of note to mention today. This morning I was woken by Clau pounding on my window, thinking she had left her bag in my apartment. Turns out she hadn't, so though sleepy, I at least got to see her today. But that's not where I'm going with this; that visit (however brief) proceeded to confirm that dreams are indeed the brain's way of defragging. I say this, because after I went back to sleep I had a crappy dream (by which I mean one that, while being dreamed, is believable), in which I think Clau broke up with me or something. I know that I ended up crying in the dream and felt a fleeting moment of despair upon waking before realizing that it had been a dream. It took only a few seconds to realize it, as upon thinking about the dream, I realized that characters from Scrubs had been present. Which leads back to the defragging; Scrubs had been the last thing I watched before going to bed. I'd also watched Lost, but apparently, I wasn't needed by the Island, as it showed up nowhere in the dream.

But that's about all I've got to say, so until next time, no later than Friday the 15th, I'm out!

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From: (Anonymous) Date: May 9th, 2009 05:43 am (UTC) (Link)


well that's interesting..I did write about dreams and thats interesting about what happened to you. by the way I wouldn't break up with you..I get mad at u sometimes, but I don't have a reason to break. and the despair you felt was mine in that day..I couldn't find my bag, my sis was running late, and It was too damn hot..I just wanted a hug from you and was happy to see u for a lil while thou.
wolfbrotherjas From: wolfbrotherjas Date: May 9th, 2009 09:40 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Dreams...

I know you wouldn't break up with me; it just happened in the dream, though I don't remember the circumstances. Doesn't really matter, though, as it was only a dream.
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