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Spreading love of cold weather...
Well, Clau claimed her prize this time round, but no other takers. Going to keep trying to remember weekly updates, and the previous offer still stands. In case I forget, though, Twitter is probably the best option. Before I get to the post, though, I present this first:

Yep, new Weird Al, non-parody song. Yay! On to the update now.

Really, it's been a bunch of the same old stuff. Two major upcoming events to take note of, both of which I'm excited for. (1.) Clau's birthday. She, her sister, and I are all heading out to San Antonio, primarily to have fun at the Schlitterbahn waterpark, though we'll definitely do other stuff as well. (2.) Ohio. Will be heading up there Jul 31-Aug 5 to see Val. Only thing that would make it better would be if Clau was coming, too, but it'll be good to see Val again.

Air hadn't been working in my apartment (which I'd known since the end of last summer), so got that fixed early in May, so I've been once again living in air-conditioned comfort. In other apartment quality details, got U-Verse installed, so I have working TV once again, with DVR this time, so that's nice, too. No problems to report yet.

Reviews? OK. The new Green Day album is definitely quite good. Season finale of Lost, as per the usual, was great and left me wanting the next season to start already. Chuck's ending was funny, and I'm glad they're bringing it back for a third (albeit shortened) season. Likewise happy with Scrubs and Better Off Ted getting another season. But the best TV news:

Futurama will be back for at least 26 MORE EPISODES! Commence rejoicing!

Movies: Angels and Demons (better than Da Vinci Code, but still not great), State of Play (better than expected), Paul Blart: Mall Cop (pretty good), Observe and Report (crap), Star Trek (yes, I mentioned it already, but saw it a third time, equally good and Clau eventually revealed that she actually enjoyed it). Haven't yet seen Up, though it being Pixar, it's obviously automatically good. Gonna wait for Terminator: Salvation due to crappy reviews. That's about all the movie news from me, although on the subject I'll move on to a couple websites.

First off, Flickchart.com, where you can rank movies through it's interface. Rather than just creating a list and assigning numeric values, it does Movie vs. Movie, and you choose what you think is better. I'm mostly doing it based on how much I enjoy watching said movie, though sometimes quality trumps watchability (case in point: Braveheart, good movie, don't often feel motivated to watch it. List undergoing constant refinement, but my top 5 are remaining firm, top 20 belong there (though not necessarily in said order), and the top 50/100 are also looking good. You can see the list here: http://www.flickchart.com/wolfbrother. Have also been playing some online Tetris at www.tetrisfriends.com. Quite fun.

Finally was able to make it out to White Sands with Clau's sister, and as usual, it was fun. However, Clau failed to apply sunscreen to all portions of my back, so I got a pretty bad burn that I'm still recovering from. Keep applying aloe gel, which definitely seems to be easing the pain. Week before that, I got food poisoning again, so that's why we hadn't been able to go.

Still writing more and eating less, so things are good on that front, as well.

That's really about it for now, so I'm out!

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