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...No Comment - Mind of the Wolfbrother
Spreading love of cold weather...
...No Comment
So you're thinking: 'What happened to the weekly updates?' I'm wondering the same thing myself. I wrote them, typed them, even submitted them, but they just haven't appeared here on the site. My only guess is that they've somehow gone across some trans-dimensional ether and been posted to a parallel Jason's LiveJournal, where that Jason has been deleting them as they do not pertain to his parallel life.

So that explains that.


Fine, I lied. I didn't actually write the posts, though nobody can disprove that my parallel self siphoned off my drive to make the updates and used the drive to make his own updates. Unless they have a device to travel between dimensions, in which case: Prove it, dammit! Or just leave me the device so I can verify the truth independently.

Clau's almost ready, I think, but I will try to update with real content soon. Also, given my lack of stimulus to update, even with the incentive program, I am thusly suspending it, as the penalties incurred are not working to get me to update more frequently.

I'm out!

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